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    n00b needs update help

    Sorry about the n00b questions, but....
    Have MDV 2005LE PC. used MCC>updates OK

    Have two MDK 10.0 PCs. Went to MCC>updates:
    error message - could not find suitable mirrors due to processor architcture not supported. This was message even tho one PC has Plll coppermine like the 2005LE PC. So I assume it has to do with MDK 10

    Anyway.......googled and found easy urpmi and followed instructions and here is console output:
    [root@localhost ****]# urpmi.addmedia main with../base/
    added medium main
    examining synthesis file [/var/lib/urpmi/synthesis.hdlist.Installation CD 1 (x86) (cdrom1).cz]
    examining synthesis file [/var/lib/urpmi/synthesis.hdlist.Installation CD 2 (x86) (cdrom2).cz]
    examining synthesis file [/var/lib/urpmi/synthesis.hdlist.Installation CD 3 (x86) (cdrom3).cz]
    examining synthesis file [/var/lib/urpmi/synthesis.hdlist.Installation CD 4 (x86) (cdrom4).cz]
    computing md5sum of existing source hdlist (or synthesis)
    retrieving source hdlist (or synthesis) of "main"...
    found probed hdlist (or synthesis) as ../base/
    ...retrieving done
    examining hdlist file [/var/cache/urpmi/partial/]
    examining pubkey file of "main"...
    ...imported key 70771ff3 from pubkey file of "main"
    performing second pass to compute dependencies

    examining hdlist file [/var/lib/urpmi/hdlist.Installation CD 1 (x86) (cdrom1).cz]
    built hdlist synthesis file for medium "Installation CD 1 (x86) (cdrom1)"
    examining hdlist file [/var/lib/urpmi/hdlist.Installation CD 2 (x86) (cdrom2).cz]
    built hdlist synthesis file for medium "Installation CD 2 (x86) (cdrom2)"
    examining hdlist file [/var/lib/urpmi/hdlist.Installation CD 3 (x86) (cdrom3).cz]
    built hdlist synthesis file for medium "Installation CD 3 (x86) (cdrom3)"
    examining hdlist file [/var/lib/urpmi/hdlist.Installation CD 4 (x86) (cdrom4).cz]
    built hdlist synthesis file for medium "Installation CD 4 (x86) (cdrom4)"
    examining hdlist file [/var/lib/urpmi/]
    built hdlist synthesis file for medium "main"
    found 0 headers in cache
    removing 0 obsolete headers in cache
    write config file [/etc/urpmi/urpmi.cfg]

    ....and that was it. So did this update anything?

    Next day stumbled across Mandrivaonline site and followed procedure . This time update DOES work from within MCC>updates, so downloaded and installed bugfixes and normal updates and received "packages installed OK" message.

    So questions are:

    1. Did easy urpmi do anything?
    2. Did I do any damage by doing update from two different methods?
    3. Were these updates stored on my HD and where are they, or is there a way to do so in order to burn them to disk so I can have them for future use? I have heard Mandriva is not going to support 10.0 anymore.

    Thanks for any help.

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    1. think of easyurpmi as a program which searches your already setup sites for some software, downloads it and resolves dependancies, much like apt in Debian. What you just did with urpmi is just set up which installation sources to use. If you want to install something with urpmi, just do this:
    urpmi program_name
    i think there is a way for it to update everything, but since i haven't used it in a while, do a man urpmi to see what options it has.

    2. No, it worked perfectly for me when i was using 10.1 some months ago.

    3. I used to remember where it was, it had a name like .../.../...cache or something along those lines. What you can do is after downloading and installing something via MCC or urpmi, do a:
    find / -name program_name*.rpm
    you may need to be root to execute the command properly (i.e. searching in hidden directories and all that)

    Hope this helps.
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