I used to have a LAN with both an ethernet connection and a wireless connection to a netgear router from my laptop. I am using linuxant driver for my wireless connection. About a couple of weeks ago, I noticed that I wasn't able to connect to LAN via ethernet anymore. I found it weird but since I still had the wireless connection, Ididn't care much. However, last night, after checking my e-mails and favourite online news sites, I turned off my laptop and turned it back on about 3-4 hours later. I saw that I lost my wireless connection at this time. No matter how much I played with the control center and other settings, I couldn't get either of my connections back alive. This is very weird, because the wireless connection was working a few hours ago, and I did not change any settings in between. I was not even logged in as root in the first place. The wireless card driver is recognizing the card and reports no errors. However, an IP number can not be obtained. The ethernet connection obtains the IP number from the router, however no internet connection can be established. Yes, I rebooted the router, booted the laptop with Windows XP, where everything works normally. Still no chance with Mandriva. Any suggestions? I can attach some outputs as needed.

This is very frustrating for an operating system which is supposed to be stable.

Thanks in advance.