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    moving a (physical) server to a new IP

    I need to move a mandrake install to another static IP to host a few web based apps as well as the standard named, httpd and mail. I belive there is a firewall and spasmkiller as well. I know the server IP is fixed to the old one and don't know how to switch it to my new fixed IP as well as DHCP.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction. My admin guy is not available for three weeks.

    Thanks in advance.

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    what exactly do you mean that the server is fixed to the old one? If you are talking about your domain name then all you have to do is point it to your new ip with either your registrar or dns nameserver. Other than that, make sure your firewall will allow traffic on port 80 for http, and others if you want ftp, telnet, ssh, gnutella etc. If its a pain to reconfigure your firewall, just disable it and use a router, most routers have a nifty little port forwarding utility that's as simple as 1,2,3...
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    clarify - moving a server

    thanks for the help....

    picture pulling a perfectly running server as is (with the services and deamons running) from an ISP which is closing its doors and throwing it into a new co-location ISP with a different IP. I can alter where the hostname primary and secondary DSN are pointing to with no problem...its just that i don't know what to configure on the server such that it will accept the new IP it will sit on. It was not running DHCP and was 'bound' (does that make sense?) to the old location IP. I am hoping all i have to do is edit a file and 'make' or run a config ap (Xwin is not installed) and then i can easily plug it in to the new server and when the domain has refreshed the server will resume its duties without a snag. I'm sure its harder then this though.

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