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    The reason you need multiple users and passwords is for security. I believe you can run linux as root (and single user) if you really want to, but it is VERY DANGEROUS, as you have FULL access and permissions to EVERYTHING, and can VERY EASILY screw up your system, even if you don't screw it up, badly written programs can, with full root access all the time.

    As serz says, you only need to be root when performing system administrative tasks, such as installing software, updates, and configuration.

    Create a regular user account, (i think you can choose to have no password), and use it for normal use. Use root for any admin tasks only.

    This applys to all Linux Distros, not just Madriva/Mandrake, its a fundamental feature of Linux.

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    ok that makes sense.
    But how do I log onto root to update and install software, its expired.
    Can I prevent it from expiring in the future?

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    If you do use lilo as boot manager, try a simple init hack, during the prompt time enter the linux label plus init=/bin/sh just like that:
    Linux init=/bin/sh
    Where Linux is your linux label.
    It will replace the normal start scripts for the shell, giving you root access without password, the just:
    insert the new password and bingo! new password
    Of course you can use it single user, but, as said before, if you do that is easier just rm -rf /, cause your system will be wide open to cracking and exploiting... :P

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