I recently deleted all of the partitions, set up a new mount partition and a swap partition. When I try to install, I would hit enter once the prompt was up to start the ISO disk. It would hang at "enabling PCI cards". I got around this by hitting F1 at the start of the whole install process, then entering "alt1 or alt0" at the boot prompt. I then had to hit F1 again and select install from CD Rom. From there the install went normal, and appeard like past installs; meanng it loaded fine. However when asked to remove media and reboot at the end of installation, (i do this) and when the system restarts, no matter which selection I choose at the Lilo boot page, when selected simply keeps rebooting the computer and going back to Lilo instead of starting up Mandrake. Has anyone come across this? What can I do? Thanks, Tom

Also, I partioned so that it would be HDA0, but when I attempt to update through the use of CDs, the bootloader section indicates hda, hda1, hda5, fd0.