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    out of range monitor problem

    installed mandriva 10.2 a little while ago but can't get into the GUI. the monitor displays a message saying that the "frequency is out of range" i've done some research and this seems to be a problem with the video card sending the monitor a signal it can't handle. so i cleared out xorg and ran XFdrake again with all the settings i could think of. I tried my model monitor (KDS XFlat 7-bk) as well as generic monitor, both on many different resolutions. the X server is set to radeon (using a radeon x600 card). i'm a first time linux user and want to learn but i'm getting pissed. can anyone help?

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    I take it 'KDS XFlat 7-bk' is an LCD or other type of flat-screen monitor... (duh? right?)

    If it is not, this will not necessarily be worth anything... But, if it is ----

    I am not at all familiar with Mandriva, but this problem is very familar - it happened to me while installing SuSE 8.0 and again with SuSE 9.1 - the black screen at WM login AND the "frequency is out of range" monitor message - AND I have seen a number of questions/cases here on the forum that seem to fit the profile...

    It seems that [some] Linux distros (SuSE for sure, I am not sure about the rest) have a hard time properly detecting and configuring flat-screen monitors (with certain types of video cards?).

    The key to all of this, of course, is to properly configure the graphics card and monitor - I had to do mine manually.

    Since you say you tried the "generic" monitor - and it did not work (assuming you have a flat-screen monitor, you did use "generic" LCD or similar, right?) - I only have one more piece of information to give you:

    Try booting with: VGA=791

    It may or may not work, but if it does - you will be able to "see" your way through the login and go about doing a manual configure on your graphics card and monitor (which you want to do immediately after logging in).

    It worked on my radeon card (with SuSE)...

    Worst case - you re-install, using VGA=791 and try to manually configure your graphics card and monitor before the install re-boots (if at all possible).

    Hope it helps...

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    well, unfortunately the "Xflat" is a CRT monitor (with a flat piece of glass). can you let me know if your suggestions are still useful on a crt? and if so, where can i change it so it boots with VGA = 791? I'm actually considering installing SUSE 10.0. You think its simple enough for a newbie?

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    Well, the VGA=791 thing is probably worth a try. I do not know which boot loader you are using (lilo, grub, other?), but I think most normal/average setups provide a way for you to add options at the initial stage of boot-up.

    I don't know much about SuSE 10.0 (specifically) - I have 9.1 - but mine seems to do pretty well at automatically configuring hardware (the video problem being an exception - but, once I got past this problem, just about everything else pretty much works without a hitch...). From what I have read, SuSE ranks high in user-friendly installations.

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    Refresh Rate

    The frequency has to do with the refresh rate (60 hz, 85 hz, etc.). Try setting that lower and see what happens. Sorry if somebody else has already said this, I'm getting ready for bed and just decided to glance at a post or two and give answers.

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