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    Connecting Mandriva To Internet

    I gave up on SUSE Linux because (after a month) I couldn't get connected to the internet. I gave up on Xandros Linux because (after a month) I couldn't overcome the problem of becoming disconnected from the internet after 10 minutes.

    I've just installed Mandriva 10.2 - 2005 Linux from 3 CD's onto a spare partition. Does anybody know how I find the wizard for making the internet and email connections?

    I've been given some advice which is too technical for me. The Linux terminology is still a foreign language. If I boot up onto the fresh Mandriva desktop, what do I do next?

    Many Thanks.

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    Net connection

    Depends on the type of connection as to what packages you'll need. On a Dial up I've used KPP, on a DSL you'll need rp-pppoe and on cable just plug the modem into you Ethernet port and Mandriva should auot detect the connection.
    The Connections can be managed in the Mandriva Control Center very easily

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    Do you have an e-mail or something? I can send you a starter guide for Mandriva 10.1.
    It's pretty much the same as for 2005...... PDF format with a lot of illustrations in it....

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    Thanks Nazty - I've sent you my e.addie.

    My PC is partitioned and runs 2 XP Pro OS's + the new Mandriva. At the moment I'm using a standard narrowband, external modem.

    How do I find the Mandriva Control Centre? Thanks.

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    Start ( or whatever it is in kde ) > System > Configuration > Configure your Computer ....
    then choose the tab "Network & Internet" > Click the "Set up a new network interface" icon...

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    Thanks - I did that and connected to the internet first time although on later occasions the dial-up occurred but the connection was not made.

    How do I now 'create an account' in K.Mail?


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    I still can't 'create an account' in K.Mail or Kontact. I've opened the Settings but can't figure out what to do next?

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    dial up connection

    how will you set up a dial up connection with a built in conexant modem ???

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    Hi - I use an external modem. I've now got the internet connection set up but the dial-up often times out after 19 seconds - I need to find out how to change that. I've set up Kontact and can send emails but it won't receive any although I think I've got the data correct. Any ideas? Thanks.

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