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    Anyone else having problems with autofs not timing out?

    Hey everyone.
    I've gotten autofs (almost) working on Mandrake 10.2.
    When I start the autofs daemon and change to the CD directory /mnt/drives/cdrom (or DVD, or usbkey), autofs automagically notices the media and mounts it. That's great, but....
    after exiting out of the directory, autofs should unmount the drive after 2 seconds (which is what I've got my timeout set to). Instead, the drive stays mounted.

    Taking a look at /etc/mtab shows me that the drive stays mounted and never goes away. This means that when I put a new CD in, it doesn't update the directory listing.

    Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? I'm using autofs4.1.3, and this occurs both when booting to a gui (KDE) and booting to a command prompt. This leads me to believe that it is not a KDE daemon that is holding onto the drives.


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    Well, it seems like autofs4.1.3 has timeout problems for Mandrake 10.2 with a 4.6.11 kernel.

    I compiled the 4.1.4 version of autofs at:

    and my drives now unmount after the 2 second timeout I have given them.

    So to all you who are trying to get automount working in Mandrake 10.2, DON'T use the version that comes with the distribution. It is flawed.


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