i just upgraded from 10.1 to 2006. now when i move the mouse over anything it gets smeared to the right. also, there are after images left behind after windows get shrunk or closed and when the little icons bounce as KDE boots up. here's my box setup

pent 3 runnin 873 mhz
3d labs oxygen VX1 using glintr3 driver(that's what it seems to keep defaulting to)
and 512mb ram in 2 dimms
my screen is a samsung syncmaster 730b
and 2x 256 dimm ram

i am not using translucency or shadows because that kept crashing despite adding the extensions section to xorg.conf like the handler suggested. everything else is set up pretty normally. i am not terribly experienced with linux yet, so the help is appreciated.

i tried a fresh install, still have the same problem. any help out there?