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Thread: Need Help...Now

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    Need Help...Now

    Hey guess what?! Windows just owned itself again and it wont boot. I'm about to reformat, but I need to know something. How can I use my iPod with Mandriva? Normally I wouldn't ask something this vague and somewhat stupid, but I know Mandrake 10.1 is really (kind of unfortunately) designed to be user friendly, and something tells me theres an easy way to do it. In diskdrake when I plug in my iPod, under 'Disk' theres an 'sda', which is my ipod as I can see from the specs...but I need to know how to access it. The reason I'm asking is because I can easily access my Windows files from my Linux partition (which is un-corrupted, Im on it right now), and it would be great if I could just plop my whole C:\ folder onto my 40 gig iPod and then transfer it over when I'm done re-formatting, to avoid the painful amount of document recovery and program re-installation I'd normally have to do.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I expect that when you plug in your ipod into Mandriva there will probably be a new subfolder created automatically in the /mnt folder. You can then cd to the mnt directory in a terminal then enter

    mount FOLDER
    where FOLDER is replaced with the name of the ipod folder. You'll then be able to go into that directory (mnt/folder) in the same way as you would any other.

    (Quick tip tho - if you wanna get quick and useful help somewhere like this, its better to describe the problem in the title, rather than just saying that you need help)

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