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    MPlayer Plugin Starts Playing too Early

    I'm running Mandriva 2005 LE and have installed the mplayer-mozilla plugin so I could watch embedded videos like those shown on . Anyway, I've never had a problem with streaming audio, but 9 times out of 10 it only loads up to around 15% before it starts playing a video and the movie will stop playing prematurely, then I have to click play once it stops and by then it has loaded the entire movie and will play perfect. I have edited both the mozillaplug-in.conf file in /etc and the config file in $HOME/.mplayer and they both match, but the one in my home is supposed to take superiority which is why I edited them both. Anyway the videos still stop prematurely. Here is the contents of the file and could somebody tell me what I need to change in order for it to download the entire video regardless of size before it starts playing it?
    # Enable debugging if set to 1 (default=0)
    # File to write debug info to
    # Video output
    # Audio output
    # Passes display to show output to, useful for multiple monitor setups
    #display=[display name]
    # Tells mplayer to allow default video post processing or not (default=0)
    # Pass special video post processing
    #vopopt=[mplayer vop options]
    # Option for rtsp streams, set to 1 when behind proxy (default=0)
    # OSD Level (default=0)
    # When set to 1 uses the aspect of movie no matter what (default=1)
    # If set to 1, forces mplayer to be in it's own window (default=0)
    # Where to store the downloaded movies
    # Download file before playing (default=0)
    # Set to 1 if you want to keep downloaded media (default=0)
    # Cache Size in kB. This is the buffer size before the video plays (default=512)
    # Percent of file to load into cache (default=25)
    # Read mime types to handle from $HOME/{.mplayer,.mozilla},/etc/mplayerplug-in.types
    # Set QT Speeed, use "low" for dialup, "med" for DSL, "high" for more
    # Enable/Disable RealPlayer mime-types (default=0)
    # Enable/Disable WindowsMedia mime-types (default=1)
    # Enable/Disable QuickTime mime-types (default=1)
    # Enable/Disable Mpeg mime-types (default=1)
    # Enable/Disable Ogg mime-types (default=1)
    # Enable/Disable Smil (default=1)
    # For video behind a proxy
    # rtsp-use-tcp=0
    # Black background
    # Disable media cache
    # Skip displaying some frames
    # Gradually adjusts the A/V sync based on audio delay measurements
    # Maximum A-V sync correction per frame
    # User-Agent

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    * Mozilla only will evalate the mime types the plugin supports when the plugin is updated or when $HOME/.mozilla/pluginreg.dat is missing. So when you change the enable options you need to delete pluginreg.dat or touch
    Did you do that?
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    When I delete $HOME/.mozilla/firefox/pluginreg.dat it just re-creates it when I play an embedded file. How would I go about "touching" the file? I'm not an expert tweaker, I'm still kind of new to it so any detailed help would be sweet ass, lol. Apparently though it's not using the mplayerplug-in.conf file as a reference because regardless of what changes I make the plugin acts the same. I have checked all of the possible locations for duplicate copies of the file and there aren't any, so what could be causing the problem? My file is located in /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox-1.0.2/plugins (it is really 1.0.7 but on initial installation of the os it was 1.0.2). What would I need to edit it with or what do I need to do?

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    touch /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox-1.0.2/plugins/
    man touch

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