Hi im using Mandrake/Mandriva 10.2 on my aptop, a PaceBlade 600Mhz with transmeta cpu. USB_mouse firewire dvd/cd and wireless IR keyboard
Not IRda speccificaton, basic IR only it is, ok.

When i try to use my wireless keyboard after installation approximatly half of my keys are lost on my keyboard ?? It gives some strange effects, like not being able to start as root as i don't have those keys left on my board to log in with. and iv'e tested 9.2, at least i think it was 9.2 with the same result. Should i go outside the GUI and ....??.... do what..

How do i start it without GUI as i made the choice to automaticly start up X. And from there i can't change anything without beeing 'root'.

( Accually i seem to be able to change it without being 'root' but as nothing hapens to my keyboard after rebooting etc, it's obviously not working. And the second question have a strong relation to the first, because if i choose to reinstall i will probably lose my Lilo dualboot XP/Linux.)

And as there are no possibility in XP to make an simple startdiskett and then do a fdisk /mbr, even thou it's preinstalled on a vfatpartition (via Ghost) vhich is nothing new or strange, (?) my XP still dont allow for a startdisk and when your MBR goes so goes your system, one frustrating thing is that by starting with f ex an w98 (if i remember right) i would accually see my vfat and read, copy, etc but i can't repair it ;). And Xp will still refuse to show itself leaving me only with having to do a new install. Just because of this litle MBR.

Anybody wise to those questions ????
Is there f ex some simple standalone tool for repairing
Grub/Lilo dual_boot so that my MBR would work again
without me having to ghost my PaceBlade?

And i'm not making this up with Xp killing the dualbot either, cause i've experienced it with the old Lilo, new grub, and now i'm trying graphic (new) Lilo, and i've experieced it with different linux_distros to.

and as 10.2 doesn't offer an option to load via startdiskett (that i could find) i'm locked into this dualboot_option.

But i like mandrake/mandriva, it's mine :) i wanna keep it . . . sooo?

btw: I've had this same experience with other cmptas to..
(XP/Linux dual_boot crashing)

So oh ye mighty Gurus, please step down from your ivory_mountains to enlighten a poor grub grunt. .
But please dont tell me to debug/rewrite my MBR

as far as i can see it's XP who's to blame for corrupting the dualboot.
Still, i may be wrong, if so feel free to correct me.