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    Mandriva 2005 limited edition problems

    I partitioned my HDD and installed Mandriva

    New Compaq laptop with AMD 64 turion chip

    everything moves along fine on boot-up screen until I
    get this: (there's more stuff that preceeds this...but I copied the following lines where apparently things begin to run amok.
    __________________________________________________ __________

    Creating root device
    Mounting root filesystem with flags noatime
    mount : error 6 mounting ext3 flags noatime
    well, retrying without the option flags
    mount: error 6 mounting ext3
    well, retrying read-only without any flag
    mount : error 6 mounting ext3
    pivotrootivot_root(sysroot,/sysroot/initrd) failed: 2
    unmount /initrd/sys failed: 2
    unmount /initrd/proc failed: 2
    Initrd finished
    Freeing unused kernal memory: 220k freed
    Kernal panic - not syncing: No init found.
    Try passing init=option to kernal

    __________________________________________________ _______

    Then the system just locks up.

    Any ideas? Yes, I'm a n00b

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    It seems your OS is seriously damaged. Kernel panic that means. Try to reinstall Mandriva and prefer reiser fs than ext3 for the root filesystem.

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    thanks for the tip... I do not remember seeing reiser fs for the file system pull down menu....but I'll check again.

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