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    Help hardware modems dial too fast?

    Hi gang.
    I installed the mandriva 2006 dvd distro and tried to dial up with either of two (USR V.92, and Diamond SupraMax) external modems. The modems are both detected, and I'm able to create a new dial-up account (but sometimes it seems to throw away the phone number and I have to re-insert it later)
    The real trouble seems to be that the modems are dialed too the dial tone isn't there when it starts to dial so it's there after it dials and just hangs till i get an operator message from the telco.

    I can't figure out how to get at my modem settings to issue a command to wait for a dial tone before dialing.
    Also, if someone knows, what and how that command is and should be issued?

    Aside from this, Mandriva looks pretty cool so far.

    Thanks up front for any insight.

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    Don't quote me on this, but sometimes if you throw in a comma in your dialing sequence, the modem will pause for a few seconds. I used to do this when I wanted to disable call waiting:

    *69, 123 456-7890
    In theory you could do this at the beginning of your dialing string.
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    thanks but commas don't do it...

    thanks for the reply, but I have tried that comma thing, even a few of em, but no dice...
    pretty sure I need to get at the settings for the modem but i don't know where to find em in mandriva.

    I've done this in kppp before but mandriva uses wvdialer i think??
    I even went into system config & added a couple more dialer programs but i can't find those either. (not on the start menu or anyplace obvious to me anyway)...

    oh well, i still have connection via ethernet to an old pile of crap running ipcop (which works excellently by the way, I had just hoped to have it all in the pc with a usable O.S. on it so I didn't need that other pile of parts taking up space.

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