Hello everybody,
I've been using Mandrake 10.2 on desktop computers for some time. I have to make them reboot once a day and I use de scheduled cron jobs.

The problem is I started using a new barebone computer from Asus, the Vintage PE-1, wich supports apm and acpi. It all works fine, but when I reboot the screen shows "restarting system" at the end, but it freezes and I have to make a manual reboot pressing the reset button.

I tried to modify the bios, enabling and disabling different options but nothing changed. So I tried to find a solution on the internet.

I have read about this problem, specially related to laptop computers, and I tried some of the solutions I found there. They talked abou adding different parameters to the "append" line in the lilo.conf file. I tried "acpi=force", "nolapic", "acpi=on","-apm". But nothing changed again.

I don't know if this is de rignt place to place my cuestion, but I need a solution and I start to lose my hope.