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    A cd/dvd label maker for mandriva linux

    Can anyone suggest a cd/dvd label maker for the linux platform? I'm espically looking for a label maker for the actual DVD/CD and not the jewel case. Preferably with a graphical user interface.

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    I think The Gimp can do them, but I'm not sure.

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    I did a Google search on this (I wouldn't mind getting hold of a package like that myself). I couldn't find anything much, even using an advanced search.

    You can get packages for printing CD/DVD envelopes and jewel case sleeves. Someone made the point in another forum that if you stick a label directly onto a CD it could make it a bit unbalanced.

    You could use Scribus (GPL'd desktop publishing package) ... other than that I think you might have found a gap in the market.

    PS: Look at this too
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    Well, I have crossover office installed and I installed a windoze program called Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker and it works ok, but is a little "sticky" and slow, but not enough for me to dump the whole program altogether. I can deal with its short-comings on this linux box.

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    If you're keeping the discs for long term storage, scrap the idea of labeling them. The chemicals in the adhesives degrade the ink and foil, leading to data degradation, and eventually complete destruction of your info in a very short period of time. I've read reports of under 6 months for the damage to occur.

    Sharpies work well, and they don't destroy the media.

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