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    Quote Originally Posted by micmac303
    I do get the splash screen.

    I'll check the log for errors, thanks.

    What is "dkms"?
    Sorry its an autoinstaller service for NVidia (I believe!)

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    The service ¨dkms¨ may be running which will explain your errors during boot. After you re-install (if you decide to..) try disabling that services from the control panel & see how you get on...
    How do i disable dkms?

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    You can turn off the DKMS service in the Mandriva Control Centre. After you modprobe the nVidia driver you may also have to add the word 'nvidia' to the file /etc/modules.preload or at least this was previously the case. This ensures the module loads, as for some reason it was not always detected in time as a module and thus made getting to X a hit or miss event.

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    Sorry to be a total noob, but how exactly do I disable dkms?

    And will it have any unwanted side-effects?

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    hm. this same thing happened to me except my computer froze at random times for no reason(last time installing wine) ... So i couldn't safely turn my computer off. So i pressed the On/Off button on the cpu to turn it off. I did this too many times and my motherboard got fried ... a new one is coming from NewEgg soon... Weird thing is, is that i think i have that same video card. Do you have a dell dimension 4800?

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    No, I don't have a Dell Dimension 4800. I have a custom-built machine with GIGABYTE(TM) motherboard.

    From the research I have done it seems quite a few people have this problem with NVIDIA cards, see the nvida forum:

    Some people have resolved the random freezing by installing older drivers. I now have an older driver and my machine crashes less, but still crashes
    Usually when I try to play video.

    This is about my third or fourth attempt (over a few years) to move to linux and once again I'm close to returning to MS Windows and I REALLY don't want to.

    Let me know if you manage to resolve the issue.


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    I've decided to give up on Mandriva and give suse a go - it claims to have full support for my graphics card.

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