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    Have you guys tried gxine.

    I installed FF 1.5 and gxine on my Gentoo system, works great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bryansmith
    You could try one of the Suse Firefox 1.5 rpms:

    No guarantees though.

    Thanks bryansmith for the link I just got it and installed it works fine in suse 9.3
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    Just Extracted

    I didn't compile it or anything, I just extracted the "firefox" folder to my home directory, that's really all you have to do. I pointed all of my shortcuts to $HOME$/firefox/firefox and it runs just fine, plus I managed to install flash player without having to download it and do it manually, it did it on its own using the built in Firefox message that says there's a plugin missing cause' it's in my home directory. I just copied and pasted the mplayerplugin files and the libjavaplugin file from the plugins directory of my old firefox browser to the plugins folder of the new one, un-installed the old one and set all of my shortcuts and the default browser to $HOME$/firefox/firefox and everything works just dandy, even fixed a slightly annoying font problem I had with the default Firefox in both this one and Mandriva 2005 LE. I know it's lazy but it works, lol.

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    Thought I'd add a thought. When I un-installed my old firefox browser it also uninstalled the mplayerplugin package that went with it, but because the plugin files were still in the directory at /home/marcus/firefox/plugins it works just fine with this new version.

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    Edit : I just tried what I wrote, and it didn't work at all, made no change, not to my too great surprise alas :/

    Er, let's make things clear, linuxuser40351, concerning a firefox with the working mplayer plugin :

    In /usr/lib/mozilla, I only have one folder, the plugins folder.

    In /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins, I have :
    flashplayer.xpt mplayerplug-in-gmp.xpt***** mplayerplug-in-qt.xpt* mplayerplug-in-wmp.xpt** mplayerplug-in.xpt* mplayerplug-in-rm.xpt**

    In /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox-1.0.6/components I have PLENTY of files but I don't find that any is related to mplayer plugin, it seems.

    In /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox-1.0.6/plugins I just have

    In /usr/bin I have a symbolic link to firefox.

    That's all there is to be with my Firefox 1.0.6 from Mandriva RPMs.

    Should I just
    a/ extract the binaries compressed file of firefox 1.5 to a folder,
    b/ copy every "mplayerplug-in*" file to ~/.firefox/plugins
    c/ remove the mplayerplug-in RPM ?
    d/ redirect the mozilla-firefox in /usr/bin to home dir ?

    I thought I already tried that, but who knows I might have skipped something in that list, have you made something more, linuxuser40351 ?

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    Well I didn't voluntarily remove the mplayer rpm, but when I uninstalled the packaged firefox version that went with it, but because I kept the mplayerplugin files in the plugins folder of the new firefox browser it still works. I have the libjavaplugin file in there too, and flash player will install itself if you keep it under your home directory, just visit a website that needs it and click the title bar. And yep you should just be able to redirect all of your shortcuts to the firefox file in your firefox folder. Like mine is /home/marcus/firefox/firefox and it works perfect.

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    Sigh, then it must be something Mandriva specific :/

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    The mplayer plug-in incompatibility in Firefox 1.5 has been solved, it is because of the adblock extension, you need to disable the "obj-tabs" function in adblock options, and then the mplayer plug-in will work !

    I hope that means the adblock extension will be updated soon :/

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    Here's the trick : update the adblock extension to its newer version. Then you can keep the "object tabs" option checked.

    You won't find that newer version on the official update page @, because the only adblock developer who had rights to upload new versions left the project months ago without any warning.

    The whole rest of the adblock team is working on two projects : "adblock plus" that will someday appear on, and keeping a working version of adblock with the bug corrections.
    That updated version of adblock can be found here : (click the hyperlink "Adblock ")

    Hope I helped ^_^

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    I have no problem with the mplayer plugin in Firefox 1.5...

    I just download the binary package from firefox site (firefox-1.5.tar.gz).

    I still recommand having the full Mozilla Suite around, as it can come handy. (In fact, I don't use Firefox at all, as I much prefer the Mozilla Suite.)

    Installation of Firefox 1.5:
    >download the package from
    >Then install:
                    tar zxf firefox-1.5.tar.gz
                    cd firefox
                    rm -r plugins
                    ln -s /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins plugins
                    cd ..
                    sudo cp -r firefox /usr/share/
    If you don't have mozilla, then replace the line
    "ln -s /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins plugins" with
    "ln -s /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/plugins plugins"

    Then make a shortcut for it in the Gnome/KDE menu.
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