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    Mandriva 2006 crashes when testing X config

    I've searched the internet but I can't find the problem neither it's solution.

    I'm installing Mandriva 2006 and everything is going fine untill I want to test my graphics configuration. I have a Riva tnt2 and it is auto detected. When testing the config at 1024x768 @ 16bit it just displays a corrupt image and setup hangs. It doesn't go back to the setup screen after 12 seconds or more.

    Is it a driver problem of the build in drivers or something else? Help!

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    No idea. But have you tried with a 800x600 resolution ? Better than nothing

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    Yes I did, same problem. I would guess it's a corrupt driver as the graphics card is functioning fine. I'm using a grpahical setup and there are no problems there.

    Which driver is used by the setup? Maybe when I try that one it will work.

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    Nobody can help?!?!?!?

    I have the same problem! I have tried all resolutions and the nasty result was always the same.

    Was so glad to find people with the same problem.

    I send a message to the guys at Mandriva but i am still waiting for a reply. It must be the driver.

    I was wondering if there is a way to use the driver from Mandrake 10.1 CD....during the installation of Mandriva 2006

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    Smile was great with mandrake 9.0

    i had a riva tnt2 card in a computer a couple of years ago and only had problems when i first installed. i think from memory(and thats corrupted these days) i ended up using the generic driver for the chipset.. that was on the card..

    (generic) driver for riva tnt2 for x-server
    use 800x600 to test with.. at 16 bit (if it works then try 32 bit)
    default your monitor unless you have the exact monitor in the vendor list..
    leave mouse setting as default as this can cause drama's too..(don't change what was probed)
    select basic 101 keyboard unless probed correctly..
    your graphics card is well supported in kde 2 but i'm not sure about kde3..
    that maybe where your problem lies too.. when they changed to kde3 they dropped a lot of older cards in favour of newer ones and reduced the size of the install discs. also some of the feaatures in the later desktops aren't functional on some older cards..
    you could try installing an earlier version of your desktop ie kde 2.? instead of the later kde3.+..
    hope this info can help you with your problems and have fun!!!

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    Talking forgot

    graphical setup is (i think again from a corrupt memory) vesa.. basic graphics..

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    when i installed Mandriva 2006, i also faced the same problem. but i figured out a workaround.
    if ur comp is dual boot, this will work.
    first incert Mandriva CD1 and select Upgrade option.
    finally, when it reaches the configuration stage, in the menu of resolution etc, select all default values. Then click the last "option" button.
    click on no (e.i. u do not want Xorg to start automatically)
    reboot in windows (or any other OS that u have)
    download graphics driver for ur card (nVidia in my case)
    reboot in Mandriva.
    now u will see command prompt.
    first login, then login as root (using su ... )
    type the following command : $urpmi kernel-source
    follow the instructions.
    then install from command prompt the driver u had previously downloaded.
    u will again see command promt
    start X server ($startx)
    u r done!

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