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    2006 wrecks my 10.1.

    Thought I'd upgrade 10.1(official, discovery, kernel upgraded according to Mandriva support to fix problems) to 2006 using a free dvd from linux mag.

    The 'upgrade from 10.1' option failed to complete, just ended up in a console screen with loads of Halt messages. Din't know how to get out of that. Retry, refail.

    Decided to try 'full' install 2006 on top of 10.1, formatting only the root partition. (Dell 9200 inspiron laptop, dual boot with XP, KDE gui).
    Seemed to work ok, then the post install reboot: seemed to go ok, got the gui, then at about 97%, restoring last session, got a Kaffeine window with 3 or 4 error messages ('missing libraries') then amarok complained about missing libraries (to the sound of smashing glass so that's cool - > sound works :-). Then mouse died, keyboard and touchpad froze.
    Had to switch if off. Felt like win 3.1 all over again.
    retry+ refail, many times. Sometimes I can use it for a few minutes before the freeze - come to think ... I was able to copy the wifi firmware off a usb disk into /lib .. which took ages (have to work out what commands & parameters to use etc) ..... so in the console it is ok but touch the desktop & you're on borrowed time.

    what options have I got?

    1. go back to 10.1 cds - nope, been there done that, I'd rather watch Lord of the Rings in slo mo.

    2. reformat /usr .. .. hate to do that for various reasons.

    3. try to uninstall anything like Kaffeine & amarok which complains, that might bring stability? That might bring instability? PREFERRED OPTION - I WILL DO THIS. Since I probably want to upgrade them anyway & maybe the missing libraries are only intellectual property issues?

    4. try suse 10 (I have the iso and got it working on a old desktop, looks ok) ---> on top of the existing partitions but still not reformatting /usr ??

    5. Give the partitions back to XP, at least on the laptop & keep suse on the old desktop .. preferred option # 2.

    6. Maybe I should reformat /usr :-(

    7. Maybe the video settings? I didn't touch them.

    any suggestion welcome...

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    You could always, Boot into Knoppix, save your /usr to a CD then reinstall 1006 and fix it, or do a new install, then it might work

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    My opinion : it seems that the KDE components seem to lack compatibility. I'm not sure it's a problem with the system, I feel that's more related to KDE.

    I had a sort of problem like that, when I upgraded MDV2005 to MDV2006, the KDE themes present with 2005 were unavailable (that didn't let many other themes available, I can tell you, and the same went for mouse pointers), and other upgrade elements failed.

    Here's my advice : upgrade to MDV2006 once again if you have already formatted your system.
    Don't book KDE but another desktop.
    Run MCC (alt-F2, "mcc", provide root password), in the packages managed completely uninstall KDE.
    Go to home folder, delete the /home/___yourname___/.kde folder
    Now, you can reinstall KDE through the packages manager, I strongly suspect that will work

    To ease the pain of the work, here's a candy, the most useful feature ever seen in Konqueror :

    Of course if i'm wrong and it's not a problem with KDE, you can send my reply to the bin ^^;;

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    Thanx oneline & sabin - I'll put these on the the options list as well.
    (first I got to recover a load data from my usb drive ... yip, accidentally formatted it to some Reiser? format with the suse installer..s**t. This is now officially a disaster. Managed to get it reset to fat32 with the mandrake installer which is pretty smart at partitioning ... then XP would recognise the drive again ... downloaded an xp file recovery utility which claims it can recover data from accidentally formatted drives ... very slow, but great relief to see a load of important stuff being recovered ...).
    Get back to the linux problem later.

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