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    i downloaded file from here:

    it's ATI Proprietary Linux x86 Drivers for XFREE86 / X. Org Version 8.19.10

    but when it finished downloading i cant start it! when i click on it in X windows it starts in Kwrite!?? when i try to run it by ./ command (as a root) it says acces denied. wtf? other *.run files are seen as scripts, but this one isnt.

    can anyone advice my what to do with it?

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    Remember to give it executable permissions first.
    chmod u+x file_here
    Then run it

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    thx, i did, it it work, but it looked like it didnt use it so i changed sth in configere center (sth like that) and now x doesnt starts at all..... it says:
    fatal error
    no screen found......

    eh... looks like format is going to be done.... or i will try to reinstall x...
    u know what to do?

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    What distro?

    I was here only to help with getting the file to run. I don't have any ATI hardware. (You might start a new thread on that.)

    Off the top of my head, I would say boot to runlevel 3 and run the sax2 program to re-configure your display. (Again, I would start a new thread on this rather than replying here. Totally different problem.)

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    Kanekane, once you install a driver, you will most of the time have to configure your system display settings file. For me it's /etc/xorg.conf. Didn't the readme file provided with the driver explain that ?

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    i think i know whats the problem: it says no screens found so i assume that i crashed sth with monitor conf. i open the xorg.conf file but i dont know what to type there manually, can sb give me his xorg.conf? i wil check how to set monitor as defoult, generic or whatever....

    can u?

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    My xorg probably recognizes my own monitor, which isn't a much-seen one, it will be useless to you - plus, I have nvidia inside.

    A proposition : use your mandriva CD/DVD, boot with it, chose "upgrade", don't change anything in fact, and in the hardware menu chose to specify again your monitor, and chose then a generic one. See if it works !

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    i tried...... it says that this package cannot be copied, strange bacause i installed mandriva from these cds a week ago and everything was ok, omg, this xorg.conf is a 4 KB file but it looks like im gonna format linux and reinstall because of it, damn it!

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    Oh well, if it can help, here's my xorg.conf, search the forum if you want, many others are posted.

    # File generated by XFdrake.
    # **********************************************************************
    # Refer to the XF86Config man page for details about the format of
    # this file.
    # **********************************************************************
    Section "Files"
        # Multiple FontPath entries are allowed (they are concatenated together)
        # By default, Mandrake 6.0 and later now use a font server independent of
        # the X server to render fonts.
        FontPath "unix/:-1"
    Section "ServerFlags"
        #DontZap # disable <Crtl><Alt><BS> &#40;server abort&#41;
        #DontZoom # disable <Crtl><Alt><KP_+>/<KP_-> &#40;resolution switching&#41;
        AllowMouseOpenFail # allows the server to start up even if the mouse does not work
    Section "Module"
        Load "dbe" # Double-Buffering Extension
        Load "v4l" # Video for Linux
        Load "extmod"
        Load "type1"
        Load "freetype"
        Load "/usr/X11R6/lib/modules/extensions/nvidia/"
    Section "InputDevice"
        Identifier "Keyboard1"
        Driver "keyboard"
        Option "XkbModel" "pc105"
        Option "XkbLayout" "fr"
        Option "XkbOptions" "compose&#58;rwin"
    Section "InputDevice"
        Identifier "Mouse1"
        Driver "mouse"
        Option "Protocol" "ExplorerPS/2"
        Option "Device" "/dev/mouse"
        Option "ZAxisMapping" "6 7"
    Section "Monitor"
        Identifier "monitor1"
        VendorName "Mitsubishi"
        ModelName "Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 720 &#40;NFN9705&#41;"
        HorizSync 30.0-96.0
        VertRefresh 50.0-130.0
        # TV fullscreen mode or DVD fullscreen output.
        # 768x576 @ 79 Hz, 50 kHz hsync
        ModeLine "768x576"     50.00  768  832  846 1000   576  590  595  630
        # 768x576 @ 100 Hz, 61.6 kHz hsync
        ModeLine "768x576"     63.07  768  800  960 1024   576  578  590  616
    Section "Device"
        Identifier "device1"
        VendorName "nVidia"
        BoardName "NVIDIA GeForce4 &#40;generic&#41;"
        Driver "nvidia"
        Option "DPMS"
        Option "IgnoreEDID" "1"
    Section "Screen"
        Identifier "screen1"
        Device "device1"
        Monitor "monitor1"
        DefaultColorDepth 24
        Subsection "Display"
            Depth 8
            Virtual 1024 768
        Subsection "Display"
            Depth 15
            Virtual 1024 768
        Subsection "Display"
            Depth 16
            Virtual 1024 768
        Subsection "Display"
            Depth 24
            Virtual 1024 768
    Section "ServerLayout"
        Identifier "layout1"
        InputDevice "Keyboard1" "CoreKeyboard"
        InputDevice "Mouse1" "CorePointer"
        Screen "screen1"

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