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    USB-RS232 device

    Hi - New computers don't seem to come with serial ports even tho they still have the archaic parallel thing... anyway my solution to this was to get a device that turns a USB port into a serial port.

    Well, i was all excited to see the word Linux on the packaging, and when i plug it in the light goes on, and i can even see it in my USB Viewer saying i have a USB HS Serial Converter!

    But when i plug my favorite serial real modem - i don't know where to look for it! I tried lots of different devices in kppp setup - they all come back with "modem busy".

    Any ideas as to which device to point kppp to? Or how to find said device?

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    setting virtual serial ports

    unlike widows Linux has its own set of virtual serial ports built in.
    I have used


    The problem you may get is that the USB port used depends on what you have plugged in and what order it was plugged in so expect that the port may change. If it does try another port e.g. ttyUSB1 or ttyUSB2

    hope this helps

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    Thread is going on 5 years old so closing this one, guys.

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