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    Hello hello :o

    I have a digital camera that isn't recognized by my Mandriva system.
    In other words, nor in KDE control panel nor in Mandriva MCC, my camera isn't part of the list of recognized cameras.

    The result is that when I plug my camera on a USB device, the system detects that a camera has been plugged... but then fails to load the image when it proposes me to do that. That will open the device "camera:/", loading an empty folder.

    Alas, the "real" pictures will be in "file:///mnt/NO_NAME/dcim/100olymp"

    Would you know in what way I could configure that bloody device to know where the real pictures should be loaded ?

    I hoped to see the device camera:/ listed somewhere so that I could have configured it, but alas in "devices:/" the "camera:/" device isn't listed, probably because my digital camera isn't an acknoledged one.

    Thanks if you can help me

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    Camera Mount Point

    Hi - I believe the strangely named mount point is due to the camera being auto mounted.

    Usually, the auto mount system will bring up a Konquerer window, at which point you can copy and paste the images where you want them.

    If you prefer you could manually mount your camera, probably as a sda type drive, or you could remove the (SD/SM) card and use a card reader.

    There is probably a config file somewhere for the camera software, which could possibly be updated? I would start in /etc

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    Maybe you could look into the udev rules for your device? Set its mount point there.

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    Finally I found /dev/sda1 to be the peripheral for my USB camera, the camera being recognized as an automounted harddisk.

    But alas, i'm still new with Linux, so that stuff with udev and other /etc config files is still out of my reach, it seems.
    I searched the text files inside the udev folder but saw no mention to camera:/ for instance.

    One thing : in /etc/dynamic/user-scripts/digicam.script, I found that text :
    MOUNT_POINT=`hal-get-property --udi $DEV --key volume.mount_point`
    if test "$MOUNT_POINT" == ""; then
    	  if under_gnome; then
    		launch gthumb --import-photos
    if test -f /usr/share/services/kamera.protocol ; then
    launch konqueror camera:/

    			launch digikam --detect-camera
    	  if under_gnome; then
            if [ -d "$MOUNT_POINT/dcim" ]; then
                    launch $VIEWER "$MOUNT_POINT/dcim"
            elif [ -d  "$MOUNT_POINT/DCIM" ]; then
                    launch $VIEWER "$MOUNT_POINT/DCIM"
                   launch $VIEWER "$MOUNT_POINT"
    launch gtkam 
    launch kuickshow
    launch digikam
    launch flphoto
    echo "No application to play import photos"
    I replaced the bold part with
    if test -f /usr/share/services/kamera.protocol ; then launch konqueror /mnt/NO_NAME/dcim/100olymp and it worked !

    But well, my camera still isn't recognized by my system... I would have prefered to solve that the "honest" way, make that bloody "camera:/" be recognized as my camera ! Because of that I cannot use softwares like kamera.
    Would you know how to make the peripheral /dev/sda1 be recognized as camera:/, as my own official camera pointing more precisely to /mnt/NO_NAME/dcim/100olymp ? I'd be really grateful :/

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