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    Mandriva Command Prompt?

    i just recently installed Mandriva on a Toshiba with windows 98 2nd edition with an intel celeron processor and 63MB of RAM, i uninstalled Windows and erased the harddrive during the Mandriva Install, and everything went well except for a msg. about a file, but the rest of installation went through. so i go to restart the computer with the CD rom out and it goes to like a command prompt to login, i login and from there i dunno what to do it stays in the "prompt". thanks in advance for any help.

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    Depends on what you want to do you might try typing in startx then hit enter that should get you kde or gnome dexktop depending on how it's configured.
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    Post back any errors you get with startx (if you get an error). It sounds like there is an error with X.

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    it says something about not being able to display, i tried startx, startgnome, and startkde, all pretty much the same error, i'm not at home right now so i can't tell you the exact error msg, i can tomorrow.

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    I don't know your level of competence, so don't take it bad if I say elementary things ^^

    You might want to check the log files, in /var/log/ (check the various xorg.log, or xorg.0.log, or kdm.log if you use kdm, or auth.log)

    You will need root priviledges to read the files in that dir, to log as root in the command prompt, run "su", then provide the root's password.
    If you don't know how to read those files, as root, run "urpmi nano" and then in /var/log run "nano kdm.log" for instance. Nano is the simplest and easyest text mode editor.

    You may also want to run an "upgrade", since that's something the mandriva installation CDs and DVDs provide when you boot them. That might work as well if you don't see the source of the error that bothered you.

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    Hi, check log files as suggested. I think maybe when you were installing Mandriva you did not configure your video card & or monitor. When you get to the &#168;command prompt&#168; type
    then enter your password for root. Once your password is accepted type
    from there it should be self-explanatary. Just make sure that your video card is correct, also in the options part you get the option if you would like X to start on next boot.. good luck


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    I had this problem with my Toshiba Sattellite laptop aswell. The graphics card (i think) is a S3 Virge MX+ and it came up on the Mandrake select your graphics card during install, but when it finished it came up with the command prompt login. I reinstalled but it still happened. So i gave up lol and now Windows 98 is lying on there.

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