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    No 32-bit depth option allowed

    I've just upgraded to Mandriva.2006 from a previous version where I had no problems with graphics, but now I don't have the option of 32-bit depth. I tried changing that option in my XFree86Config file, giving of course an error (no 32-bit config allowed with this driver), and I'm sure the driver is the correct (Intel 915). In fact, I've downloaded the most recent version of that driver from Intel, but my computer keeps saying no. Any ideas?

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    AFAIK 24bit is equivalent to 32bit under X.

    I did find an explanation once but can't find it nw. I'm sure someone will remember though.
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    It's possible to have 32-bit color depth in Linux, but what you're really getting is 24-bit color depth with extra zeroes padded on the end of the bits. MS Windows does this as well. There's really no such thing as "32-bit color" at all.

    Quoted from here:

    Depth depth
    This entry specifies what colour depth the Display subsection is to be used for. This entry is usually mandatory, but it may be omitted in some cases providing an FbBpp entry is present. The range of depth values that are allowed depends on the driver. Most driver support 8, 15, 16 and 24. Some also support 1 and/or 4, and some may support other values (like 30). Note: depth means the number of bits in a pixel that are actually used to determine the pixel colour. 32 is not a valid depth value. Most hardware that uses 32 bits per pixel only uses 24 of them to hold the colour information, which means that the colour depth is 24, not 32.
    Also, see WikiPedia.
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    Ok, I understand but anyway my desktop seems different now than before, it's more difficult to read and see where de icons are, I mean, just like if I don't have enough contrast. May it be 'cause I've reused my KDE 3.2 config files and some kind of config has changed in the new version (3.4)? Or maybe I'm getting blind???

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    Eye glaucoma, run to the hospital

    Maybe it's a problem linked to the transition between KDEs ? Maybe the fonts management have changed, more side-effects around them ? Check the fonts display options in KDE and in MCC...

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    Yes, I'll try to look at any hidden feature in KDE, or at least to one that hides from my eyes. I still haven't found the problem, but at least I know it's not the bit depth.

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