Have been trying to upgrade from 10.1 to 2006. All went pretty well except the new system couldnīt bring up the wireless network card that i had just got installed with madwifi in 10.1 after many days of work. All the MCC panel brings up is the option ath0 and install driver manually. When i go there, it says that madwifi is not installed. i downloaded the kerned-source and installed it and checked to see if gcc and utili were installed but between make and all of the other things i had to do in Terminal things just kept getting messier.

So i yanked the card out and stuck the 3Com wired card back in and finally have internet again. At least it recognized the Samba setup we had as well. Gotta go to some sort of list and look for a card i can set up under Mandriva without so much hassle. Any ideas? Have a nice afternoon!