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    HTTPD and SSHD not availible outside my local network

    First I'll start by saying I am pretty new to linux. I have installed a couple different distros a few years ago to play around but never really got serious. I want to run a few servers and keep the system up 24/7 now as well as get familiar with linux fully.

    My problem with with Apache HTTPD and SSHD. I can't seem to access either server on a remote system, or a system that isn't on my LAN. I have a cable modem going into a D-Link router, and the server is setup on the router. The Server has a static local IP on the router, is the DMZ on the router, and ports 80 and 22 are both forwarded to the local IP of the server in the router config. Unless I am missing some other crazy ports on the router, I don't think the router is the problem (I have a TeamSpeak server running on the linux box and it is accessable to the outside world.)

    I have played with the Listen Address lines in both SSHD_Config and HTTPD_config. SSHD seems to accept it yet doesn't work, and HTTPD will generally give me some sort of error relating to the domain name or address of the server upon starting.

    I am using Mandriva 2006 Free as a distro on kernel 2.6.12.
    I tried some differnt settings in drakehosts with no luck. I have also tried removing most if not all of the firewall options on the linux box itself (though I might have missed something somewhere [but again, the TeamSpeak server works.])

    Putting the HTTPD server on a different port didn't seem to help anything. When I change the listen address to the address of the Cable Modem (I am assuming I use use that address for the listen, I'll try its local address on the LAN there again,) I get the message: Starting httpd: (99)Cannot assign requested address: make_sock: could not bind to address {insert IP HERE} no listening sockets availible, shutting down.

    I am not sure what I should have plugged into drakhosts, right now its
    IP = Cable modems IP
    Host name = FrankenPenguin
    Host Alias = localhost

    Not sure if those should be different or if I should add those somewhere important in the *conf files.

    If there is any other information required I'd be happy to provide.
    - Thank you

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    Re: HTTPD and SSHD not availible outside my local network

    Quote Originally Posted by Ruffiano
    If there is any other information required I'd be happy to provide.
    Sounds like you are on the right track, your setup is very similar to mine ( I am using a D-Link DI-604 router with virtual servers setup (port forwarding). Your ports are correct; 22 for the openssh server and 80 for httpd.

    I have a few questions, what is your internet ip? This will be the IP of your cable modem/internet connection, unless your ISP is using a private network.

    Does your ISP use a NAT firewall?
    Network Address Translation is an Internet standard that enables a private network to use one set of IP addresses for internal traffic and a second set of addresses for external traffic. A NAT box located where the private network meets the Internet makes all necessary IP address translations.

    These IP's that are for private networks: - - -
    (all routers on the internet will ignore traffic to/from these addresses)

    If the IP of your cable modem's IP is within this range you will not be able to host your webpage outside of your ISP's private network. ISP's do this so that they can put many people behind a single "real" IP address. This is cheaper for them and keeps you from configuring your own server. I had to switch providers because my old provider used NAT. My modems IP was 10.X.X.X. and the internet IP, which was shared by many, was 142.X.X.X.

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