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    printing PDF files

    PC1 (MDK 10.2 official installed from same disc set as PC2) -> Canon BJ100 prints all pdf files fine. When opening pdf file, association is already set use Kghostview

    PC2 (Wxp + MDK 10.2 official dual boot) -> Samsung laser. PDF files print fine on Wxp. All other formats but PDF print fine under MDK 10.2. I have done updates to ghostscript and CUPS thru both Mandrake AND easyurpmi. Opening pdf file starts Konqueror. If I want Kghostview or xpdf, I have to specifically select it. Have tried to set file association by default to Kghostview but no dice. I have a file that was created in Open Office writer and saved as PDF. IT prints fine on PC2 !!, but none of the other pdf files I have print properly. Also, the pdf files take a long time to open or, show up in the thumbnails but only flash once in the main viewscreen, then disappear.

    None of the three apps (Konq, Kghostview,xpdf) print PDF files or if they do, large font sizes are OK, smaller fonts appear as though printer has dirty head. (incomplete characters). Have reinstalled CUPS and printer twice. Almost positive this PC was printing pdf when first setup about 2 months ago. I know it's not the printer, cause Wxp pdf is fine and don't think it's MDK 10.2 cause PC1 is OK.

    Any ideas appreciated.
    Officially confused

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    have a look at to see what they say about your printer, setup and drivers.

    There may be some parameter needs adjusting in the printer definition - I've found, in the past, that trying to change a printer doesn't always succeed as some dross gets left around, and I've resorted to hand-deleting the directory with the printer queue for that printer before re-defining it.

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