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    Unable to Load Mandrake 10.1

    Hi. I have just created a dual-boot with Mandrake 10.1 and XP. I completed the installation procedure without difficulty.

    I created an account login and selected to not use a password.

    But when I selected to load Mandrake from the bootloader, it brought me to a black screen which said:

    localhost login:

    I typed in my login (samuel) and pressed enter

    Then it gave me:

    [samuel@localhost samuel]$

    Any idea what's going on?

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    From there you have to type startx to start your gui or you could type init 5.
    While booting does it say "entering runlevel 5"? Because if it does and then it drops you into a shell your x server might not be configured properly.


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    You just need to start whatever GUI you want to use. Chances are you have both KDE and Gnome. I know the command to run KDE, but not for Gnome. KDE is 'kde'. Simple lol.
    This is probably happening because you installed with highest security settings?

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    Ok, I'll try the "startx" thing. When it loads, I do not believe I see the "runlevel 5" message, but I'll look again.

    I left the security level on standard, so it shouldn't be a security thing.

    Thank you both for your input.

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    Ok, I checked it out. Turns out my graphics card was not configured properly, so I'll have to try and sort that out.

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    I went to System Information to find my graphics card so I can configure it for the Mandrake installation. However, the graphics card I have is not in the lists of graphics cards in the installer. Any ideas on what I can do?

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    As mentioned above, 'startx' should get your graphical display mgr. started (Gnome or KDE).

    If you don't have your graphics card listed, MDK will default to the 'vesa' setting which will provide basic 'safe' video drivers. Once you select that you should boot into the graphical GUI next time you boot. Mandrake is pretty good about detecting and filling in the graphics card configuration wizard. If you still have problems, you will have to determine some info for yourself such as video memory cache and some settings for your monitor.

    Google around for explanations of runlevels 0 thru 6.

    good luck

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    Thanks for the advice. I've taken a break from Mandrake right now, as I have a dual boot with Fedora Core, but I'll keep this information in mind when I get the time to give Mandrake another go.

    Thank you all for your input.

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