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    formatting problems with a floppy

    I am trying to learn and understand Mandrake 10. I am taking on-line Linux courses.Following the paragraph from the course In

    "mke2fs /dev/fd0

    The command is an abbreviated way of saying "make an ext2 file system". The other part is the device, your floppy drive, which is known to Linux as "fd0" (floppy drive 0). As we mentioned in the first part of the course, everything is a file in Linux, including your floppy drive.

    My action is as follows:
    insert the floppy in the drive
    Type in the shell cd /dev
    That moves me from the home to the dev directory
    Type-in the shell: mke2fs /dev/fd0
    bash: mke2fs: command not foundWhat did I do wrong? I assumed changing directories because putting the command in the home directory did not work. And the root directory is off limits.
    I tried to be as descriptive as possible to present my case.
    Please Help me out

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    First off, I don't believe you should have to cd to /dev before issuing the command. Secondly, before issuing the command, you have to be root
    Asks for password, enter it. Then issue your command and it will work beautifully If ever a 'command is not found', try it as root

    UPDATE: Read your tutorial a little closer It actually tells you that you have to su to root

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