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    DSDT ACPI Decompile/Recompile/Insert

    Okay I found this webpage (which I forgot to bookmark) which nicely layed out several steps which I followed with success.

    - download intel ACPI compiler
    - extract your systems DSDT file
    - decompile the DSDT file
    - recompile the DSDT file to see the errors
    - fix the errors
    - recompile agains until it is error free

    These pages I found which outlines these steps (I found several but lost em all LoL) just fine however they stop right there. They do not explain how I can inject this new DSDT files into the kernel so Mandriva has a chance of recognizing my laptop battery.

    Anyone have a link to a page which describes this?
    Anyone care to explain how I can inject this file into the kernel? (initrd or something I dunno... this is new to me)

    Em I on the right path to getting my Mandriva 2006 system to recognizing my laptop has a battery?


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    Maybe some help on how to get Mandriva to see my battery?

    If I run off battery it plainly says "No Battery Found", however it is obviously getting juice...

    This leads me to other problems, power management. Mandriva doesn't see a battery, its just running full power all the time, drains the battery like 3x faster than Windows XP does...

    CPU Throttling, Suspend -- two things I really WANT.

    Any help?

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