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    Intel 2200 B/G Help

    Okay, at the beginning I'm a total Linux noob who just installed mandriva to see what it was all about I'm willing to learn... but to do that I sorta need to be connected to the internet in Linux, and I don't know how to do that (well, at least with a wireless card). I was told when I downloaded it, that Mandriva had support right off the disk for the whole Centrino package, but when I installed it it said I needed more stuff.
    Let me start off:
    Mandriva Linux 2006
    Intel 2200 B/G Wireless card
    Inspiron 9300

    Okay. It told me right after I was done installing to head over to <a href=""> this website </a> to get my card to work. I downloaded the stuff in Windows, and then booted up Mandriva, and opened it. I'm not sure what it was, but it said it was read only, and was like a box with a list of files.

    So, I'm sorta stuck. I really would like to learn how to use Linux, but unless I can get connected to the internet... I'm not sure what to do.

    Any help would be extremely appreciated!!!

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    I am assuming your windows partition would be ntfs, so when you copy over something to linux, it would appear as read-only. To change this, launch a terminal as normal user and type this:
    chmod 777 the_file.whatever_extension
    chmod is a command which can change the RWX (read, write, execute) permissions of a file. The 1st number stands for the permission for owner, 2nd number for group and 3rd number for others.
    7 = full RWX permission
    6 = Read, Write permission
    4 = Read
    2 = Write
    1 = Execute
    0 = No permission.

    now just look for a readme file of sorts and open it and follow the instructions there.
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