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    The xorg 6.9.1 packages are probably bad

    I've had a problem for at least weeks now with Xwindows after urpmi automatically installed version 6.9-1.cvs20050915.2mdk xorg packages on both of my Mandrake 2006.0 machines. Things were fine on the Celeron on the ASUS P4P800-VM motherboard, but my Xwindows flipped out on my P4 running on the ASUS P4PE motherboard, with totally wrong colors and ghost image mouse pointers on the toolbar. The problem wasn't the video card itself, because I swapped the same card between both machines.

    The colors were so grotesque and the video quality bleary enough on the one PC that I had to go back to the 6.8.2 version of xorg packages, which involved me having to install an libXvMCW from Fedora Core 3 so other dependent apps would continue to work. I also had to temporarily uninstall some apps.

    Anyway, this morning I tied into to download the newest Mandriva updates, and I noticed that xorg version 6.9.0 packages were coming down the pipe. I got them to install (after deleting the Fedora Core package), and to test, I closed Xwindows and went back in. And everything was fine, no funky colors, or ghost images from the mouse pointer on the toolbar!

    Evidently someone in Mandrivaland screwed up by deciding that the 6.9.1 xorgs were okay to use, so they've backtracked to the 6.9.0 versions.

    Don't know if this will make any difference to anyone, but I thought I'd let you all know what had happened to me.

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    thank u for much for posting that..i was decidingnot to install mandriva because of problems with xorg too.. but now i will reconsider..
    i have mandriva 2006 isos and i checked and found that i have xorg 6.9.1 but now i will try to make xorg 6.9.0..
    thanks agin

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