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    Won't read other disk

    I just installed Mandriva Free 2006 onto my computer, its a dual boot with windows xp. Those are both in separate boot partitions of one hard drive, and I have all my files on a separate drive. (FAT32 format)

    I can access and open files from the second hard drive, but is there a way to open files with programs from it? I can't open my files with firefox, the music player program, I can't even set the desktop background as anything while stored on the other drive. Or with any linux applications. Is there a way to make this work? Right now, the only way is to copy the files onto Mandriva's drive, and use them there, but thats a real pain, I'd like the conviencience of access from where they are.

    If anybody knows how to make Mandriva use these files, that would be a great.

    Also, if possible, I'd like to reroute the location of "My Documents", "My Music", etc. to those folders on the other drive.

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    you shouldn't need to have to move them.

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    Mandriva can read and edit Fat32 drives, and read NTFS drives. A bit of search on the forums will teach you that some adventurous folks have added experimental NTFS writing capacity.

    So Mandriva should be able to read and access instantly the files of your other hard drive without problem. Something's wrong, I don't know what.

    As for adding links in your own /home/ directory pointing to windows directories, it's very easy.

    If you're using konqueror (it must be the same with gnome but I cannot swear ^^) simply have two windows open, one with your linux home folder, one with your windows home folder. Click the windows folders you want and make a drag and drop of them into your linux home folder. Among the options offered when you release your mouse click, chose "create a symbolic link" (my Mandriva is in french, it's a home-brewed translation !), and the work's done, you will see in your linux home folder another file, a folder, pointing to your windows folder. You can rename those symbolic files, move them, consider them to work as windows links.

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