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    You must be speaking about the source code installer ?
    I tried installation of that, and it fails miserably for some reason on mandrake-mandriva systems : I searched a thread about that on and it can only be solved on home-compiled KDEs

    But all's not lost !

    After a long time searching mirrors, I finally found an RPM for an old version of Wnck, whith the right .so* file, and installed it.
    And guess what, now ?
    Now it's another RPM that is required !

    As before, it's another version of an already-installed RPM, libxerces-c.
    My own version is libxerces-c26, but alas it's libxerces-c25 that is required.
    Guess what, I can't find any RPM for that one, except on Mandriva Club mirrors, but of course I don't have a Club account.
    Let's halt the problem study for the moment, i'll see first if I can a Club member to kindly offer me just that precise RPM, if possible. If so, or at least I hope, the problem will be solved...

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    I could finally lay my greedy hands on that RPM, and finally, o joy, the RPM installation worked fine ^_^


    Now, I think of a thing : if some Mandriva users are interested, I wouldn't mind packing the three RPMs (cherry keyman and the two deps not available for MDV 10.1 and 10.2).

    Because it seems that that keyman RPM for cherry keyboards was built on very precise and already obsolete libraries (it didn't work on a MDV10.1 I have on another computer, neither on my 10.2), and the persons that don't have those libs will go through a tough time.

    If you guys know where to host them, I won't mind ^^
    I uploaded them to there :
    (cherry keyman and the two deps not available for MDV 10.1 and 10.2)

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