I have installed Mandriva on a separate drive (hdb).

Lilo rewrote the MBR etc, so I dan to manually edit the boot list to add an optoin of booting into my old Mandrake 10.1 (hda)

When I choose this option on startup, it mounts hda1 (which is / ) OK, but can't find either of mt LVM volumes (/dev/lvmvolume_home/home,...) saying "exiting with signal 6".

I have tried reiserfsck --fix-fixable /dev/lvm.... -- it says "failed to open the device".

How do I get to boot back into my Mandrake 10.1? Please, help!
Maybe I should manually mount those Logical Volumes? How?

Very disappointing behaviour for a version of linux that is well-aware of it's previous version's configurations...