I have an audio problem with my compaq presario R3000 machine.

I formatted my hard drive to a 00 state, and created a partition for windows (NTFS), a linux swap of about a gig, and the balance ext3 for linux.

I installed xp home with no problems. Loaded and ran fine. I then installed Mandriva, but it seemed to hang around the configuration point of install. I rebooted into KDE and the speakers sounded bad. Hiss when nothing was playing, and distortion when music played.

I rebooted into XP and heard only a very loud hiss, almost like a tv tuned to a static station. You can hear windows sounds underneath the hiss, but barely. Installing new drivers/different drivers reduces the hiss, makes the music clearer, but doesn't get rid of the problem.

Compaq support walked me through all the usual steps, but their final solution was to send it back to them. I'm cmpletely new to linux, so all help would be very much appreciated.