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    Need Help with first boot.

    Ok , i am not going to lie I am very new to linux. I complete the first installation everything went pretty smoothly, the only thing I noticed was the graphics didn't auto config. So I got passed the point and it goes to reboot to load the OS, and when it does I get a black screen like a command prompt asking for Login and password. I put in the login and pass I made back in the installation but now i am stuck. I don't know how to get to the GUI. If anyone has any ideas please share I really want to start learning this OS.

    Thank you

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    Should be first boot. not Book

    Should be first boot, not book sorry i just woke up

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    startx should start your graphical server.
    Maybe you need to properly configure it with sax2
    Do some googling on these commands since i'm not entirely sure how sax2 works.

  4. $spacer_open
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    I tried startx

    I got IO error 104 could not connect something like that

    i am at work so i cant really tell what exactly it was

    Also, does anyone know of any beginner level books/guides so that i can learn and get a better understanding of the OS.

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    @ guides:

    @sax2: i don't know if this is the proper one for mandriva
    probably if you google your exact error output (or post it here) you'll find something usefull.

    these might help:

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    You can first try something : reboot with your installation CD/DVD inside the cd-rom reader.
    Boot the mandriva installer.
    Chose "repair", let the startup thingies run, it will take a time
    In the hardware description menu, chose "generic" as a screen, and make sure to precise correctly (perhaps once again) what is your graphical card.
    Don't modify other options, reboot the computer after installation ends (without the installation dvd in the reader)

    Tell us if that solved your problem, you just performed a complete reinstallation of your screen and graphical card drivers

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