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    Speeding up Boot time

    Is there a way to speed up the boot time in mandriva 2006 I586 updated to Jan 27 06?
    It takes 6-7 mins to boot.
    I do have have IP set to auto, i know that can slows down a bit,
    My board does have 2 nics.
    But is other ways than having it set to assigned IP,
    Is there other ways to speed things up other than assigning ips?

    any help?

    Thanks in advance!

    System Specs
    30 Gig Drive Master (Winxp)
    40 Gig Drive Slave (Mandriva 2006)
    Athlon 64 3200+
    Gig and a half of ram
    Readon 92000 Video cared

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    You should be able to disable the graphical login screen..not sure though..never used mandriva.

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    Sorry I can't help you on this subject, however I can tell you this : this boot time is unnatural.

    Between the moment I press "power" and the moment KDE has become operational, 2 minutes and thirty seconds have passed. No more than that.

    Another friend with Mandriva and a much older computer : 3 minutes.
    Another friend with a dream machine with awesome hardware (the bastard) : 2 minutes.

    So for you, seven minutes isn't allright.
    Check the log files in /var, maybe ?
    Or during boot, simply press "esc" to see at what time the startup hangs for too long ?

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    You'll need to experiment with it and disable any services you don't want to run, and perhaps even try some different hardware detection apps.

    I don't run Mandriva so can't help much with it but can tell you that my Arch Linux installation is booting to a text prompt in 12 seconds, and add another 3 to 4 seconds for me to issue username / password / startx, and I'm fully booted into a graphical gui in about 15 to 16 seconds total. That's using the latest kernel, hwdetect, and udev. I've disabled and removed hotplug altogether.

    HTH ...

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