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    Drivers for USB Network Adapter?

    I'm completely new to Linux, and I'm having trouble setting up my wireless internet connection. When trying to set up my connection, I don't have the proper drivers to use. I use a Linksys WUSB54G v.4 network adapter. I'm completely new to this, so I have no idea which drivers I need, or where to get them. If someone could please point me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

    Edit: Someone recommended that I download ndiswrapper. However, I'm a bit confused. If I download it, is that all I'll need, or will there be any other additional downloading I'll need to do to get it working? Basically, what I'm asking is if I download ndiswrapper, will that be sufficient enough to get the adapter working?

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    An easy way to get programs in Mandriva is to use the urpmi command. Firstly, setup urpmi to look up various mirror sites for programs using the instructions on this site. Once that is done, install the program, in this case ndiswrapper as root in the console with:
    urpmi ndiswrapper
    It will download any dependancies for you as well. You will also need the kernel sources which is not a dependacy of installing ndiswrapper, but you need it in order to use ndiswrapper.

    Once that is done, just use your win XP drivers, copy these drivers somewhere onto your home directory before continuing:
    su -
    cd /place_where_you_saved_drivers
    ndiswrapper -i name_of_driver.inf
    ndiswrapper -l  <--- check if driver installed correctly
    ndiswrapper -m
    modprobe ndiswrapper
    Once those steps are completed successfully, just launch the MCC's wireless config tool and tell it to use ndiswrapper as the driver.
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