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    help with setting up network with my laptop & desktop

    I am a newbie to linux

    I just installed Mandriva on my desktop. and I have a laptop running winxp.
    How can I setup a network connect between my laptop and my desktop?

    I have a interent connection connected to my first ethernet card in the desktop computer.
    And I have my laptop connected with an ethernet cable to my 2nd ethernet in the desktop computer.

    HELP... linux with kde looks very good. I plan on keep using it. but i donno how to setup the networking with my laptop.

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    I'm not familier with Mandriva, but as a pointer you should look into SAMBA, it allows you to network Windows and Linux.
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    Are you trying to 'share' your internet connection between the two or just share files..or both?
    Windoze has a feature that will share an internet connection between 2 pcs, but you need to use a crossover cable to do this. As far as I know sharing the internet with this method is only possible between to winxp boxes, I have not been able to use this feature with a combination of win and linux.

    If you want to split up your internet connection go to your local electronics store (circuit city, bestbuy, fry's, etc) and pick up a router. Mandriva should pick up the connection and you will be on your way. Then you just need to set up samba for file shares.

    If you just want to do file sharing pick up a hub or switch and get samba set up.

    Either of these options assumes that you installed the samba server packages when you set up your system. If you have no idea if you did that or not you can go to your command line (as root) and do a "rpm -qa | smb" and "rpm -qa | grep samba" (don't include the quotes) and see some packages pop up. If it returns some files you should have it installed, if not then you'll have to install the packages from disc or the net.

    Hope this helps.

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