I looking for a version of linux that will support my maxtor ultra 133 disk controller. Because I have mandrake 7.0 (I would like to continue using this as well... If possible) and I can't get it to work with my controller. (it simply won't install) So, my question to you guys is... what version of linux will install using that controller?

!!!ALSO!!! Please keep in mind this computer is old (it also has windows on it I hesitate to say) and that controller must be on it so it can function with windows. Please don't ask why... Also the version of linux that can be put on there must be compatable with the following specs:

Intel Pentium (yeah, it's old; I have a newer computer too....)
64 MB RAM (I know...)
200 GB hard drive on the maxtor ultra 133 controller
that's about it... Please help I need linux...