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    Unhappy adsl and lan not working

    Hi. I'm a newbie trying Mandriva Linux 2006.Need help to config lan, adsl. I have used the wizard drakconnect a number of times. I have been give a user id and password by my isp, which works fine on win xp.
    Please help. Thanks.

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    Is the adsl modem connected directly to your network interface card or is there a router between them? Some adsl modems don't play nice with Linux. What is the make and model of the adsl modem?
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    Smile just fixed that for myself today so heres what i did!!!

    I had winflaws xp setup my adsl connection and then rebooted into mandriva 2006. (adsl already online then).. next step was to connect eth0 to modem.. now try using default lan connection settings.. if your lucky you should have access to the net. i tried loading adsl as pppoE(connection thru ethernet) and it spat the dummy then i tried pppoA(atm) and it seemed to like it..
    but if you log on with windows you can access net just by setting lan in linux...
    not a good way if you need to relog with linux but gets you online quick then you can relax knowing that at least it works somewhat..
    i know pppoA says that its not correct but it works for me and thats what i wanted, i don't care what logic says i just wanted it working.. besides logic tells you that winflaws should be the lowest selling op not the highest.. i think i need a course in selling winflaws so i can sell ice to eskimo's....
    been continuously online for 14 hours using that setup so can't be too bad..
    even got mandriva working faster in that time and net connection is smoothing out well too..

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