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    Angry mandriva and seti..problem

    ok guys this one is a prob and i was tired when i hit this brickwall so please.. i may not have got it in my head right...
    i loaded boinc 5.2.13-i686 into its own directory /usr/bin/boinc-5.2.13-i686/
    simple enough.. installed it.. went normal no probs.. started client.. ok(even put in url and key..)
    started mgr and now minor prob(well major) wont log onto host computer.. i've tried using localhost / (my comp name) / url of site / blank again / now i think it may be in my firewall but what b port.. i have tried some silly things and it does the same thing.. also when i open mgr and its trying to log on the actions on that page are so slow that i can make a cuppa before it finishes typing "localhost"..
    tell me i'm just being stupid and its real simple to fix..plz
    have also set up its own user account now i'm not sure what is the problem..

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    It's not just you. I have the same problem. Mine wasn't for SETI but for a protein folding project. The same thing: I can set everything up, but can't connect to a server.

    I tried to sort it out for several hours, but put the thing on ice.
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    well just an update for anyone reading...
    right when you install boinc into your pc and start the client...
    then you start the probs...
    if it dont log onto the localhost then just kill it and do the same with the client...reboot pc...and then start client and then start manager...
    it should log on...
    if you have other pc's on same network then you can use the manager to view and control them...but we will leave that now...
    if you do any optimizing of the boinc client, be careful what optimizing client you use...
    i just had a real good one that stops the manager from working so as to cut down on process's...but you can do heaps with boinc and i now run 4 pc's with boinc installed...two are headless nodes and i even had a go at windows...(it was painful)...
    the manager logon is a quirk(probably a joke from a windows that is easy to get around...seems to be dependant upon the distro...anyway enough for now....bye..

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