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    Exclamation Systems Freezes On Boot (Sometimes) - Please Help !

    Hello Dear All,

    I have installed Mandriva 2006 PowerPack on a new Sony VAIO FJ series laptop. No dual boot (using lilo, got rid of windows completely). I have noticed several inconveniences. Sometimes the system boots after lilo welcome screen and then freezes (blank screen, keyboard wont even light the CAPS led), or it sometimes freezes once Gnome has started. Normally it takes one or sometime two hard reboots for it to work properly, and then it can go for days ( I dont usually turn off my computer at night ) without any problems.

    I am trying my best to describe in detail what happens , so :

    -it freezes on boot after lilo (sometimes)
    -sometimes it makes it all the way until I login
    - KDE makes it freeze almost 9 out of 10 times if I use KDE
    - it is much better under gnome, but it also does it (1/3 on boot).

    Also I would very much appreciate any help on how to solve the following problems :

    -it takes forever to detect eth0 and eth1 on boot when they are not plugged in.
    (but eventually goes on and works, when it works i mean...)

    - special function keys do not work (Especially the Fn key, which I need to redirect video output into a beamer or another monitor...)

    -sound volume seems to be really low, the volume control icon doesnt do anything on sound , even when it is set to "mute"

    -microphone does not work, like it wont even see the microphone jack... Earphones work fine though...

    -minor detail : sometimes there is a very tiny little "beep beep sound", very faint, but constant, always on the background...

    Appart from these problems, I have a functional system that i (need to) use everyday, so if you could help me with these little details, or tell me where to look, I would greatly be in debt to you all.

    Thank You,

    kep- (in Paris)

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    Do you know if you have APCI enabled?

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    I think so.

    I mean when i type >acpi -V it gives me :

    kep@[~] 32: acpi -V
    Battery 1: charging, 100%
    Thermal 1: ok, 61.0 degrees C
    AC Adapter 1: on-line

    ...? any clues ?

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    you meant ACPI or APCI ??

    i wouldn't know the latter one...

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