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    Red face boot list availabe but notworking :S

    hello all

    my problem is so strange >>>>

    the boot file is availbe and appear after turn on pc but when choose mandriva it doesnt do any thing i try failsafe but he give me black screen with some wihte points then freezing .........

    can any one help me ....i use mandriva 2006 on laptop dell inspiron 6000

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    First, are you using Lilo or Grub ?

    Second, do you have many partitions ? If yes, your boot manager may be wishing to boot the wrong starting partition (on my system with 5 hard disks and 12 partitions, some IDE hard disks and some plugged on a controller extension giving them fake RAID identifying, it was a hell )

    If it's the boot manager's config that is wrong, you can try various things :

    - fixing the boot manager's configuration file.
    For this, reboot with windows, and download a live-CD, i.e. a Linux OS that won't install himself on the hard disk but boot from the CD and then run in the RAM.
    Use that Linux distro to have a nice graphical OS with access to linux file systems, in order to try to fix your boot manager.
    If you're not familiar at all with Linux that might be a bit complicated (you'll have to run the file manager as root, be it Konqueror or Gnome, and find the config file whose adress will depend on it being Lilo or Grub.)

    - reboot with your Mandriva installation DVD, chose "update", and among the things proposed during this, re-configure the boot manager. Hint : the partitions manager will allow you to know the adress (hda1, hdb2, etc), find which one contains your boot partition and have Lilo or Grub adress those correctly later on.

    If it's a but with the system startup (hardware incompatibility ?) you should read the startup log, it's in /var, and then it can be one of the many text files. Find an error message to report to us. To be able to read those, you'll need to use a linux live-CD.
    But I doubt it's that problem, you should have a console message or at least mandriva's bootsplash penguin showing up, at last...

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