Hey guys! I currently am dual-booting Windows XP and Mandriva 2006 FE on my Inpsiron 6000... and I want to phaze out Windows once I have all these kinks worked out of Mandriva...

Kink #1 - The Dell Media Buttons
How do you get them to work? Am I missing a driver? The buttons I am referring to are the Media Buttons found on the front of the Dell Inspiron 6000/9300/9400. Dell Media buttons are in other locations on other Inspirons... (ie. as a part of the Fn function). Has anyone gotten their Media buttons to work with Mandriva as of yet?

Kink #2 - The Wireless LED
The wireless LED light does not turn off or on as it would while in Windows. I am referring to the light turning off or on as the Fn+F2 combination is pressed. The Caps/Scroll/Num Lock LED's all light up... and I don't have a Bluetooth card installed yet, so the only light I am missing right now is the Wi-Fi Light. Has anyone gotten this to work as well?

If you happen to know anything, please let me know.