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    java is not responding

    hi guys..
    i am trying to download a chikka mms...
    it requires java runtime environment to run the applets...
    i do download the java,read, and follow the instructions that the website gave me..
    it requires me to plugin the java into my mozilla web browser..
    i have done it already..
    but still i dont have read the applets and cant run the chikka in my station..
    what should i do??
    can anyone help me with this problem?..
    by the way i am using mandrake 10.1 and a default mozilla web browser

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    This can be tricky to sort out. I know because I just fixed the java plug-ins on my own PC. I'm not at my normal computer at the moment, but I can try to give you an idea.

    First of all you need to find out where java is installed on your machine. Then I would visit the Mozilla site and search around for information about fixing java plug-ins.

    The way I did it (on firefox but the principle is the same) was to cd into the /firefox/plugins directory. There is a special library file in your java directory which you need to link to: can't remember the name, but the command looked a bit like:

    ln -s /home/fingal/usr/bin/javaversion3.4.5

    Notice that the file (whatever it's really called) is named twice. I have no idea why, but this really did fix my problem.

    The above is just to give you a few pointers. The best source of info. is the Mozilla website.

    What that command does is link to the java library file. Then your browser can find it. The ln command is very useful. If you learn about it you'll be glad you did.
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