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    Linux Server and Networking with windows problem

    Ok, first let me list my problem. I have set up a Linux web/email server, using Mandriva 2006 (free) I got it working as a web server, and have it set up on for now to test it. CLICK HERE
    I use the KDE graphical interface, because I basically am new to linux, this is only the third time I have set a linux computer up, firts time doing a server.
    I got the samba client working to where I can see the other computers on my network, and to where they can see me. My net work setup is as follows:

    --Main (Windows PC)
    ------Shared Folders
    --Server (Mandriva Linux Server)
    ------Shared Folders (including "/var/www/" so I can drag files directly to the server to be online)
    --Bens (Windows PC)
    ------Shared Folders

    ok, as you can see we have two networks there. the "HOME" workgroup is the one we had before my server was set up. Both "Main" and "Bens" used to be in there. I got the Linux PC on there, told it to be part of HOM, but It just stayed in its own "MDKGROUP" workgroup.. so since I planned on dragging files from the "Bens" I made the "Bens" PC be in the "MDKGROUP" which worked fine. now all the PCs and the linux server can see both workgroups, all the computers in the groups, and all the folders and files they have shared. Now the problem. WHile the linux PC seems to have ful access to every file on the windows pcs, the windows PCs cannot do anything to the linux pc. They can see the files, but not open them, or edit them, or drag new files over. And depending who you are signed on as on the windows machines, you may not even be able to see anything past the "MDKGROUP" name

    so... All I need is someone to tell me where to start to see whats going on, or how to start over. And if someone could give me a screen name that I could talk to them on. I am really lost now. :/

    Also, I have one other problem (Im bad at this)

    In amarok, and andything with audio, there is about a half second to a second delay on all audio. so if Im watching a video in kafeine player then the audio is way behind the video.

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    I assume you have setup share permssions correctly in your smb.conf file? Also, have you added samba users on the server?

    See this tutorial for more info about setting up various parts of the smb.conf file and setting up a samba server in general.

    I have no clue or solution as to what could be causing the audio problem, sorry.
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