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    Bootloader error after resizing partitions

    Using DiskDrake on Mandriva Linux 2006 on KDE, I reduced the size of my windows partition (/mnt/windows) and created a new partition from the empty space mounted to /usr. When clicking on "Done" I get three messages:

    1) Your bootloader configuration must be updated because partition has been renumbered (I click on "OK")

    2) The bootloader cannot be installed correctly. You have to boot rescue and choose "Re-install Boot Loader" (I click on "OK")

    3) You need to reboot for the partition table modifications to take place (I click on "OK")

    At this point i cancel the reboot because I have no idea what these errors mean. Then I get another message:

    4) You should format partition sda5. Otherwise no entry for mount point /usr will be written in fstab. Quit anyway? (I click on "Cancel" instead of "OK").

    I don't have a rescue disk to my knowledge (unless it's one of the install disks). I have not rebooted since receiving these errors. What do these messages mean and what should I do about them?

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    Rescue discs are usually the 1st installtion disc.

    Now, you created the new partition to use to store more data, or to have /usr on a separate partition? Depending on which one it is, we can progress to the next step.
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    I ultimately just booted up with my Mandriva install disk and selected Repair (instead of a fresh install). It skips the partitioning and reinstalls the bootloader. I had to go in and re-mount the /usr partition. It still existed but didn't have a label. It is all working wonderfully now. Thanks a bunch!

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